Your child will learn Spanish in
the most effective and fun way!

The Spandango Children's Program is perfect for ages 6-12.

Here's how the Spandango Children's Program 
is different from the rest.

1. Top Quality

Your child will practice Spanish with live native Spanish speaking instructors who use our proprietary program. Our program was designed in collaboration with a courseware developer and native Spanish speaking professors.

All our instructors are college graduates and have 5+ years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language at multiple levels and all ages.

2. Great Value 

Although no other program compares to what we offer, live, private Spanish instruction usually costs $35+ per hour.  We charge less than half that at about $15 per 50-minute lesson.  All of our class materials are included.

3. Convenient

Use our online class scheduler to pick a convenient time and take lessons anywhere with an internet connection.  

Cook dinner while your child is "studying abroad, right from home"!

4. Complete program

No extra charge!

Our children's program includes:

  • Curriculum with 30 lessons and homework sheets
  • Short story books in Spanish
  • Access to Spandango Quizlet flashcards for vocabulary building
  • Helpful links to games, Spanish songs, and Spanish grammar videos
Your child can continue with us on to Middle school and Highschool levels of Spanish grammar courses (Spandango Intermediate and Advance courses) after he/she completes the Children's program.

5. Fluently communicate in Spanish

This is the strength of the Spandango program.

You may learn basic Spanish grammar and vocabulary through online courses or software programs, few people achieve fluency with these methods. With our native Spanish speaking instructors, our goal is for your child to achieve fluency in Spanish.

You are about to give your child the best gift...
Mastery of a new language,

a gift that keeps on giving.  

"Not only will you be looking at a salary in the range of 5-20% higher than your peers, you're on a global trajectory...especially if you speak the language. You're so much more in demand professionally.  The global economy is vibrant. Multinationals are looking for professionals who know how to localize and embrace the culture they are working in while leading internationally diverse teams."

~ Ryan McMunn language expert and CEO of BRIC Language System

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What people are saying about Spandango:

"My son (7) has formed an excellent relationship with Luis.  
I really recommend this program!" - Talia

"Whether you're brand new to Spanish or, like for our children (11, 9, and 7), have experience with the language but need grammar and conversational practice, we recommend Spandango.  It's convenient, affordable, and fun.  What more can you ask for?" - Cate

"Spandango has taken my Spanish to a whole new level!  
I'm thinking in Spanish for the first time ever!" - Becky